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Drug Testing Myths: Will Drinking Water Help a Person Pass a Drug Test?

Despite the growing acceptance of marijuana across North America and abroad, more and more American companies are electing to screen their employees with mandatory drug testing.

For many ordinary people, this means a lot of hassle. Most businesses won’t tell you exactly what they’re testing for and in what amounts, leaving their staff in a constant state of anxiety and confusion, even if they’re only a one-time user. As a result of this confusion, many myths have surfaced about what exactly will show up in a test—and how to beat it.

Here, we’ll examine one of those common myths about passing a drug test—that drinking excessive amounts of water beforehand will beat the system. Does it actually work? We’ll also have a look at some other common drug test facts and myths and show you the only safe way to pass any urine drug test—with an online drug test kit.

The Theory Behind the Myth

A urine test examines the concentration of a drug—like the THC in marijuana—in a given sample. When you pee, trace amounts of the drug are passed with your urine and are detected if the concentration is high enough.

The theory behind this myth is simple: if there’s enough water in the urine to “overpower” the THC, then the concentration will be so low that the test won’t detect it. In order to get your water/THC ratio high enough to achieve this, you’ll need to drink a lot of water right before the test.

How much water, exactly? Since this is more of an urban legend than an exact science, the amount varies depending on who you ask, but many sources put it at about two pints to half a gallon, starting two hours before the test.

Just Add Vitamin B

Another variation of this idea involves high doses of vitamin B on the same day of the test. Drinking a lot of water will naturally make your pee clear, which may make testers suspicious. Excess vitamin B, however, is also harmlessly expelled by the system as waste into the urine stream. Again, this gives the pee a yellow color, and it should pass a visual inspection.

Creatine: The Red Flag

On the surface, this seems like a reasonable way to fool a drug test. There are two fundamental problems, though—the laboratory doesn’t just look at the color of the pee, and it doesn’t just test for drugs. They know that you can dilute the sample by overhydrating, so they also test for one other important marker: creatine.

Creatine is a protein that is released by muscles during normal day-to-day activities, and it is also passed out of the body as urine. Almost every healthy person has a concentration of creatine in urine that falls within a specific range. So, if they test the creatine and it falls out of that range, they can be pretty sure that you’ve had far too much water.

Doctor testing urine sample

What Would Happen Next?

If any abnormal creatine levels were found, most companies will simply order another test to be performed. If that happens, you won’t have had time to prepare like for the last test and won’t be able to dilute your pee in time again. They may even use a mouth swab or saliva test instead, which is much more difficult to beat. In other words, any drugs will be detected the next time around, and your job could be in serious jeopardy.

Even if you do manage to avoid a second test, it’s likely that you’ll be flagged by your place of work and possibly subjected to further, more random testing down the line. You could get away with it this time, but is the ongoing fear and worry really worth it?

What if I Work Out or Take Creatine Supplements?

Of course, you could go further. You could do an intense workout or take supplements to raise your creatine levels before the test and make it seem like your pee isn’t diluted. At that point, you probably could pass a basic drug test.

However, to get to that point, you would have had to work out, chug a massive amount of water, and take a couple of multivitamin pills in preparation, which is a lot of effort and money if you’re buying supplements for something that’s not even guaranteed to work.

The Health Risks

That’s not to mention the potential side effects of such a risky plan. Drinking large amounts of water in one sitting is known to dangerously alter electrolyte levels in the body and even— in extreme cases—can lead to death. While the amount you’d have to drink to fool a test probably won’t get you that far, you can’t ever be certain how your body will react.

Other Common Myths

There are plenty of other theories circulating about drug tests, what they can detect, and how best to beat them. Most of them are based only on hearsay or misinformation and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress or false hope. These include:

  • Secondhand smoke – Inhaling secondhand smoke or just being around marijuana smokers will never lead to significant detectable amounts of THC in your system.
  • Mouth swab tests – Many people believe you can’t detect THC in a swab test, and that you could trick it with mouthwash anyway. Neither of these is You can detect it, and regular dental mouthwash won’t work. In fact, it’ll be incredibly obvious from one sniff that you’re trying to beat the test.
  • Sweating it out – If you’ve got a lead time of a couple of weeks, using exercise to speed up the detox process may work. Unfortunately, the difference is minor, and it’s very rare to have so much time to prepare, anyway.
  • Poppy seeds – You’d need to eat a very, very large amount of poppy seeds to get a positive reading for opiates. At that point, you should probably be more worried about your muffin intake than your job.
  • Cranberry juice and Jell-O – The first substance is supposed to flush the toxins out of your system, while the second is said to absorb the bad stuff before it even reaches your bladder, allowing it to pass through as feces instead. Both are based on some pretty shaky science and shouldn’t be relied on.

Cranberries and cranberry juice

A Simple, Elegant Way to Pass a Drug Test Every Time

If you have trace amounts of a drug in your system, it will be detected. Maybe you’ll sneak through the first time, but you definitely won’t be that lucky forever. All the dilution and detox might tilt the scales in your favor, especially if you have time to prepare, but, eventually, you’ll get caught.

There is one way to beat the test, and it’s the simplest, most elegant solution of them all. Instead of giving them your urine to analyze, you need to give them a clean sample. Fake pee kits for drug tests contain all the normal human biological markers they’re looking for—like creatine—but without a single toxic trace.

We Only Stock Online Drug Test Kits with Proven Results

That solution is the Clear Test Not Synthetic Urine Kit only a 100% real powdered urine kit. Formulated to appear identical to urine and easy to discreetly use in any situation, this is the one way that will pass both visual and lab testing with flying colors. With heat pads and two vials included, you’ll never be caught out by a random test again.

Live and work every day with confidence because Clear Test has you covered. With our proven methods, you don’t have to resort to myths and uncertainty. If you need the best fake pee for a drug test, don’t wait until it’s testing day—browse our extensive online range and order your kit now!

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