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Detox Drinks and Shampoos for Passing a Drug Test

The percentage of positive workplace drug test results in the U.S. has been consistently increasing year after year. In fact, at 4.2%, positive drug tests have recently hit their highest rate in nearly 15 years. With the legalization of marijuana in several states, positive drug tests saw an impressive increase of 75% in a short five-year period. If your employer responds to these increases by testing more aggressively, it’s important you know how different detoxing options can help you protect your privacy.

For a urine test, our drinkable detox products provide fast, undetectable protection. Rescue Cleanse (16 oz. for those under 200 lbs. and 32 oz. for those 200 lbs. and over) prevents fat burning and holds toxins for up to five hours so that they don’t appear in your urine.

Detox Drink (20 oz.) is an organic, all-natural drink that works for all body weights and comes with effect-boosting supplement capsules.

For a hair follicle test, specially formulated shampoos are available to help you remove telltale chemicals from your scalp and follicles. Our Hair Follicle Shampoo Shampoo are safe for the hair and scalp, remove toxins and residues for up to eight hours, and boast a success rate of 99%.

Whatever kind of test you’re facing, it’s important to take it seriously. Just as your employer reserves the right to request a drug test, you have a personal right to privacy as a citizen in the workforce. Visit to discover more products that can help you protect your employment.

Detox Drinks and Shampoos for Passing a Drug Test Infographic

Posted by A. Shapiro
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