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How to Pass a Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Screen

More and more employers require drug pre-employment drug screens for prospective employees, but the invasion of privacy doesn’t end there. Employees injured in on-the-job accidents are often required to take drug tests, and drug testing has also been extended to public benefits recipients in some states.

Drug tests typically are done by urinalysis—about 84 percent of companies use this method—but hair follicle, saliva, breath, and blood testing may also be used to check for the presence of various legal and illegal substances. Some are quite invasive, as hair follicle testing can determine whether a subject has used drugs or other intoxicants as far as three months back.

Persons subject to a drug test who may be worried about whether past drug or alcohol use may show up on the results have several options at their disposal. Mouth wipes, oral swabs, and special shampoos can throw off saliva and hair testing. Cleansing products can help people get intoxicants out of their systems faster, and other products may mask the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Drug testing is an invasion of your privacy that you shouldn’t have to endure. Using various products to successfully thwart these tests helps to undermine this unfair and unjust system.

How to Pass a Drug Test

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