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ION Detectors: Drug Tests or Barriers to Visitation?

In April, my 85 year old mother-part blind, two hearing aids, two heart attacks and 17 years of drug war imprisonment of her only son G. Patrick Callahan behind her- tested positive with an ION Detector for illegal drugs at a federal prison in Seagonville, TX. My sisters were processed, but my mother was too deaf to understand that she was being told to leave the federal premises entirely. She’s also too old to put up with that crap, and she dissolved emotionally. Hunched over, with her head buried in her hands, she sobbed and wandered alone into the parking lot.

She was sure that she would never see my brother again, and due to bad health and poor finances, it was her first visiting session in 8 years. According to reports, prison officials told her to leave and, without my sister’s assistance, she physically can not

After waiting the required 72hours, my mother was finally allowed to see her son.

Not just our family, but everyone needs to write and call their legislative branches to encourage them stop this harassment of visitors. My mom was finally able to visit but hundreds of people simply “leave the premises entirely” and return home.

By Nora Callahan

Posted by A. Shapiro
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