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Know How to Beat a Saliva Drug Test

Mouth Swab Test

Law enforcement agencies and employers have several options for testing for drug use. One of the most invasive and effective tests these organizations can subject you to is the mouth swab test. Mouth swab tests are inexpensive and easy to administer, and they’re also quite accurate. They’re not infallible, however, and, with the right products and preparation, you can pass a drug test.

A solid majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana, according to the Pew Research Center. A recent poll taken by the Pew Research Center found that 61 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized. Support for legalization ranges across age groups—70 percent of Millennials, 66 percent of Gen-Xers, and 56 percent of Baby Boomers are in favor of legalization. The only group to oppose marijuana legalization is the Silent Generation—58 percent of them oppose legalization. Racial groups in the U.S are united in their support for legalization—majorities of white, black, and Hispanic Americans favor legalizing marijuana use.

Policy is catching up with public opinion. Medical marijuana has been legalized in 29 states, and eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana.

It’s a big mistake to take changing attitudes about marijuana use as a reason not to worry about drug tests, however. Although public opinion has changed regarding drug use, particularly the use of marijuana, in recent years, drugs other than marijuana remain illegal and employers continue to screen for their use. Even in states where recreational use of marijuana is permitted, employers may still test for marijuana use and make employment decisions based on that information.


According to Slate, about 45 to 50 million workplace drug tests are taken each year in the U.S. Millions of Americans are also tested by law enforcement agencies or in states where welfare benefits are linked to staying drug-free. If your freedom or livelihood depends on passing a drug test, you can’t afford to not know how they work—and how to beat a drug test.

The Saliva Test

The saliva test, also known as the mouth swab drug test or oral fluids test, collects saliva from the mouth of the person being tested. Law enforcement agencies and employers like this form of drug testing because it’s inexpensive and easy-to-administer, and results can be obtained onsite, unlike other forms of drug testing in which samples have to be sent to a laboratory for processing.

Saliva tests can be used to detect the presence of a variety of substances, including marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. Another reason why the saliva test is so popular is that it provides an accurate assessment of recent substance use. Other forms of drug tests aren’t as accurate regarding use that has happened shortly before a test.

Most saliva tests involve the person administering the test to swab the inside of the mouth of the individual being tested. Collecting a good sample can be difficult at times, as some illicit drugs inhibit saliva production. MDMA and cannabis are particularly known for inhibiting the secretion of oral fluid.

Police Siren

The major drawback of saliva testing, however, is that it can’t detect drug use that occurred a significant amount of time before the saliva test. Saliva tests typically detect drug use that occurred up to three days in the past.

Saliva tests aren’t unbeatable. There are several methods that you can employ to defeat a saliva drug test or other forms of drug testing.

  • Abstain from drug use – If you know you’ll soon be up for a drug test, abstaining from drug use is the sure-fire method of avoiding testing positive for illegal substances. Knowing what type of test you’ll be subjected to and when it will be administered is the key to knowing when you’ll need to put marijuana or other substances aside.
  • Eat healthily and exercise – A good diet and plenty of exercise will help your body purge traces of illegal substances more quickly. If you know you have a drug test pending in a few weeks, put in some extra time at the gym.
  • Use detoxification productsCleanses and supplements can also help you prepare for a drug test by purging traces of illegal drugs from your body swiftly. Be sure to only use products from reputable sellers.
  • Emergency detox – If a drug test is imminent and you’ve had little time to prepare, there are some products that can help you pass a drug test, even a saliva drug test. Special mouthwash and gum can cause the test to come up negative, so it’s worthwhile to have these tests on your person. Anti-drug test gum and mouthwash can be found from reliable suppliers, such as ClearTest.

Anti-Drug Test Gum

Other Options for Drug Testing

Mouth swab tests, of course, are not the only option the cops and employers have for screening for drug use. Other commonly used drug tests include:

  • Urine Testing – Urine drug testing is probably the and is a staple of pre-employment drug screens. Urine drug tests typically screen for amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, methadone, and opioids. Urine tests are also occasionally used to test for alcohol use.

In general, there are two types of urine drug tests—the immunoassay test and the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test. The immunoassay is cheaper and faster, but it doesn’t pick up on all opioids and sometimes returns false positives. The GC/MS test is more involved and takes longer to complete, but yields more accurate results.

Urine Specimen Cup

  • Blood Testing – Blood tests can be used for alcohol or drug testing and are the most invasive form of drug testing. Blood tests are occasionally used in employment-related drug testing but are most commonly used by law enforcement agencies to determine whether a subject is intoxicated. The window for a blood test to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol is smaller than that of other drug tests, as the blood purges itself of these substances faster than other parts of the body. They are very accurate, however.

With regard to marijuana, a blood test usually can’t detect its presence if more than six hours have passed since last use, although that window is wider for frequent marijuana smokers.

Blood Vial

  • Hair Testing – Hair testing has a greater window to detect drug use than other forms of drug tests. Whereas urinalysis can only detect drug use up to a few weeks, hair testing can detect drug use up to 90 days prior to the test. Hair tests are more expensive than urinalysis and saliva swab tests, and they also take longer to process. As a result, they are used only infrequently.

Fortunately, there are products on the market that can defeat blood, urine, and hair follicle testing. 100% Pure powdered Urine Kit – Never Synthetic urine or urine additives provide a way to surreptitiously influence the results of a drug test, while detox products can flush markers of drug use out of your system quickly. For hair follicle tests, detox shampoos can remove traces of drugs from your hair. Blood cleansing products can help individuals facing a blood test to purge their systems of traces of drugs, too.

When your job or your freedom is on the line, you want a partner you can count on to help educate you on how to beat a drug test. ClearTest has helped men and women defeat invasions of personal privacy by employers and the government for 20 years, providing products that help defeat hair, urine, and saliva drug tests.

ClearTest uses only proven, scientifically researched products that have a high probability of beating a drug test. If you’re interested in protecting your job, your family, and your rights from corporate and governmental overreach, purchase ClearTest products now.



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