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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Urine?

Underestimating how long marijuana remains detectable in urine can have serious consequences for people on parole or probation or workers subject to regular drug-testing.

How long marijuana stays in your system depends on how much and how often you use. The drug will be more easily detectable over a long period for those who smoke it regularly, while occasional users can purge it from their bodies relatively quickly.

In general, moderate users of marijuana will not return a positive result on a drug test after five to 15 days of abstinence from it. Chronic users may need a month to completely detox. Everyone’s body is different, and some people may purge the drug more quickly than others. Fluid intake and use of detox drinks can help marijuana users avoid the negative consequences of a positive drug test. Check out this infographic from ClearTest to learn more.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your Urine?

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