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Marijuana Legalization: How Marijuana is Viewed Today

People’s views on marijuana in America have been changing in recent time. In the past, this drug was considered illegal in all fifty states, with harsh penalties if someone was found guilty of a drug-related criminal offense. However, with a change in people’s attitudes, so, too, has there been a change in laws regarding marijuana.

Today, more people are in favor of making the drug legal for medicinal purposes, as well as recreational use. On average, around 50% of the population is in favor of legislation to legalize the drug for either medicinal or recreational purposes, or both.

Currently, there are several states where marijuana can be used as a recreational drug, much like tobacco, and also by people looking for alternatives for medical diagnoses and treatments. To find out where marijuana is considered legal, and other such details, please feel free to continue reviewing and reading the following infographic.

Marijuana Legalization: How Marijuana is Viewed Today Infographic

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