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Obama Doesn’t consider marijuana legalization a serious issue

President Obama….
Doesn’t consider marijuana leagalization a serious issue!
And has said that directly in interviews.

April 28
“Doctors perscribing Marijuana..I have no problem with that…
I think there are legitimate concerns in not allowing people to grow there own or start setting up Mom and Pop shops…because at that point it becomes fairly difficult to regulate (them)….whether I want to use allot of political capital on that issue.. the likelyhood f that being really high on my list isn’t likely…what I am not going to be doing is using justice department resources to circumvent State Laws on this issue…simply because I want folks to be investigating violent crimes, potential terrorism..we got allot of things for our law enforcement officers to deal with!”

How full of holes is Obamas words? The marijuan related raids and arrest continue. Millions of people are still in incarcerated under simple infringements.

On March 23, the police raided 2 separate Houses for people because of outstanding warrants on marijuana cultivation charges and made additional charges when claiming to smell marijuana on the premises and got further search warrants. And confiscated plants from 2 different properties. One of the houses was a separate house that was searched didn’t even have the offender at the residence.

On March 26
In an on-line address with CNN President Obama
..”we took votes about which question would be asked
3.5 million people voted…I have to say one question was voted on that ranked very high…
would legalizing marijuana improve the economy with job creation…
I don’t know what this says about the on-line audience…but…
I just want people to think this is a fairly popular question..
we want to make sur ethat it was answered…the answer is…I no I don’t think that is a good strategy to grow our economy!”

Although over 12,000 Law Officers are trying to end the War against drugs and support legalization of all drugs to regulate them. Seattles ex-police chief Norm Stamper head of Law Officers insupports legalization. According to stamper “Manditory Minimums are institutionalized injustice” and they should have been ended years ago.

Although over 13 states have legalized medical marijuana. Equalling 10s of millions of people in support! President Obama in one of his on-line town hall
meetings still scoffs at changing drug policy. And insults the intelligence of people who voted online to address this issue!
When will he take this seriously! The government is wasting money on a
“Drug War” and its about time to face reality President!
Its time to get intolerant propagand made Draconian Laws out of our countrys policies! Tell President OBAMA to take us seriously!..He’s Supposed to be about change and fix this countrys screwed up economy.
Incarcerating non-violent drug offenders costs this country Billions every year. Just like prohibition in the 30s it creates a profitable Black Market for violent crime syndicates. Stop mocking the intelligent people of this country! The people who are incarerated, have had their peoperty searched and are harrased by police everyday…believe this is more important then OBAMA’s 45 seconds of insult!

-alexander shapiro

Posted by A. Shapiro
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