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Pass a Drug Test: Is the War on Drugs Over (and How Important Is It to Pass a Drug Test)?

Drugs may be prohibited, banned, or prescribed, and some can be bought over the counter. What makes it interesting is the fact that drugs can be abused and can be a cause for conflict. Drug policies in the guise of curbing the battle both in government and private entities can do more harm than good. A policy which would require students and employees to undergo drug test can have social and psychological implications. How do you really pass a drug test? Does passing a drug test guarantee security in school and work tenure? Do these tests which may include hair test, urine test, to name a few, prevent or impede drug use?

The drug war has been waged. Many are dragged into the battle without human compassion. Biases and prejudices are subliminally are the underlying rules and policies of the war on drugs. The suspected drug users are subjected to urine test, hair test, on the use and abuse of marijuana. This is in the expectation that results would be conclusive and true.

But the racial slur that characterized the war on drugs is not just demoralizing to Black Americans but also to the Hispanics. The world is watching the contradiction in the principles of justice and equal protection of the laws which is the foundation of the constitutional democracy of the country. The country’s drug policies arrest, suppress, and otherwise cause impairment on nonviolent people, specifically cultural minorities and the Blacks.

It has been said that results of urine test and hair test for marijuana use cannot be considered significant predictors for use of other illegal drugs. When a tested user does pass a drug test, the results cannot determine relevant information to job performance or school works. It has been proven that drugs and alcohol are not the most common cause for accidents but rather the psychological and physiological makeup of the person. The most common are severe fatigue and diseases.

Drug testing in the country have been due to government mandates not because business companies deem it to be. The country is spending approximately $1 billion yearly to drug test to about 20 million workers. But whether those tested for drugs pass the drug test or not is believed to have done more harm than good. It is believed that drug testing is not the ultimate solution to the country’s drug problems.

But there are actions and measures that can be in use to lessen the damage and destruction linked with both drug use and the country’s failed policies. The criminal laws that are applied to people who don’t pass a drug test are put into effect that is extremely and extensively biased. The criminal justice system has time and again shown injustices particularly to people of color.

So the question lies not on the question, to pass a drug test or not. The drug war has inevitably put nonviolent people at a disadvantage. The use of marijuana cannot be caused for illegal activities. It cannot be used as a reason to say that it cannot be an issue if people don’t use marijuana. It is a fact and a certainty that people will use drugs.

Posted by A. Shapiro
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