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The Truth about Alcohol vs. Marijuana

While authorities have waged a costly and ineffective war for decades against marijuana, a more deadly and dangerous drug is legally sanctioned and largely accepted by society: alcohol.

Study after study show that alcohol is a far greater danger to public health than marijuana. Alcohol contributes to more deaths and incidences of violence than marijuana ever could. More than 88,000 deaths and 696,000 assaults are linked to alcohol abuse each year, while there are little or no similar incidents linked to marijuana use.

The long-term psychological and physical impacts of alcohol use are far more serious than that of marijuana use, as well. Long term alcohol users can develop elevated risks of heart disease and are also prone to suffer from depression. When it comes to choosing a public health threat to fight, authorities are fighting the wrong battle when they invest money and resources to curb marijuana use.

The Truth about Alcohol vs. Marijuana

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Posted by A. Shapiro
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