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Thief Makes Off With Lots Of Urine

Athens City Police are investigating a daring urine heist that took place sometime last Thursday night or Friday morning.

According to an incident report, sometime between 9 p.m. Thursday and 7 a.m. Friday, someone broke into the offices of the Ohio Adult Parole Authority on East State Street by forcing the door open. An office in the building was ransacked.

According to Terry Minney, regional administrator for the parole agency, the intruder or intruders made off with 89 cups of urine.

These were drug-testing samples from parolees and people on probation.

One likely conclusion would be that the thief or thieves had broken parole terms by using drugs, and wanted to escape detection. Minney, however, said that “I’m not sure what the motive was. We know what the behavior was.”

But if the intent was to make sure a sample or samples weren’t tested, why steal them? Rather than packing up and carting off 89 cups of urine, wouldn’t it be easier to just empty them onto the floor?

“We’re very grateful they didn’t,” Minney said.

Posted by A. Shapiro
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