Powdered Urine Kit

A urine drug test is the most common method of screening for marijuana use. One of the most invasive techniques on the market, it requires you to pee in a cup to determine if your body contains any traces of illegal or pharmaceutical drugs. Using a powdered urine kit is one of the surest ways to pass such a drug test.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

The fake pee works by mimicking the unique appearance and chemical properties of human urine. Synthetic urine can fool a drug test because it contains the same organic and inorganic elements as authentic urine: uric acid, urea, creatinine, ammonia, phosphates, and sulfates.

High-quality urine substitutes can, therefore, convince a lab that the sample is yours and that your body is free of all drug toxins. However, a synthetic urine test kit does expire, so be sure to replace one you’ve been holding on to but haven’t used.

What Is Synthetic Pee?

Fake pee, also known as laboratory urine, is essentially the same composition as human urine and contains all the elements mentioned above. It mimics the appearance, odor, and chemical properties of real urine. Synthetic pee for a drug test may come pre-mixed or sold as a dry powder.

The substance is made in laboratories around the world. With today’s advancements, technology enables the production of realistic urine that has the same chemical properties as the real thing. Testing laboratories don’t intend for artificial urine to be used to pass drug tests. The standards keep changing, but buying a synthetic urine kit for a drug test from one of the best brands can boost your chances of passing.

To pass a drug test, synthetic urine must have four key properties. These include:

  • Color: The warm yellow color of urine makes it unmistakably identifiable. Even other yellowish liquids don’t come close. A chemical formula has enabled fake pee to stand out from any other liquid.
  • Creatinine: This compound is a direct byproduct of human metabolism. By adding small amounts of creatinine, a urinalysis can show that the product seemingly came directly from a human.
  • pH: The average human urine sample has a pH of about 6.0. Measurements from urine are used to dilute certain components; the sample is tested and improved before the synthetic pee kit is sold.
  • Temperature: Using measurements of the temperature of real urine, producers determine what chemicals to add, so the fake sample mimics the temperature profile of urine that would normally come from a person.

Why Do I Need It?

Since marijuana can stay in the system for up to a few months in extreme cases, it’s important to use synthetic pee in place of your own urine in order to successfully pass a drug test.
Of course, success isn’t limited to marijuana. It is also effective at ensuring you won’t test positive for any other drug, including cocaine or pharmaceutical products.

Synthetic urine is also ideal for anyone who has used drugs within days or even hours of a test. With little time to detox, your only option is to bypass the presence of drugs in your system altogether by using substitute urine.

From the loss of a job to the loss of your freedom, the costs of a positive drug test far outweigh the price of a synthetic urine kit. Drug tests don’t discriminate between those who are habitual users and those who are social or even one-time users.

When your privacy and livelihood are on the line, you need to take action.

How to Use a Synthetic Urine Kit

Since many tests are carried out with little or no supervision, it’s easy to substitute the fake pee for the real thing. Even if someone is carefully monitoring you, there are ways to avoid detection, from bladder belts to rubber tubes.

Under most circumstances, using the kit is simple. Just follow the instructions carefully and everything should work out. A typical test kit has a belt and heating pad. Adjust the belt so it is hidden by your clothes, with the temperature strip in contact with your skin, and everything attached an hour before you’re scheduled to take the test.

Most of the time, you’re allowed to pee with some privacy. Unfasten the clips on the package with the fake pee and pour the compound into a cup. Unless someone is watching over your shoulder, this is generally easy to do.

Our Synthetic Urine

The pass rate on our synthetic urine is 100%; we have never had a failure in 16 years of business. Our synthetic urine kit is easy to use and is the same high-quality fake urine we supply with The Urinator at a lower price. We provide two vials of the synthetic urine (enough for two tests), two hand warmers, and a four-ounce squeeze bottle to bring the urine to the drug test area.

Buy a synthetic urine kit today, or call us toll-free at 800-248-5655 to learn more.

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