Synthetic Urine Kit

Powdered Urine Kit



With the Powdered Urine Kit (Synthetic Urine) you can finally stop using fake pee and say goodbye to synthetic urine forever. It's undetectable and contains real powdered urine for 100% authenticity, so you can be confident that it'll work as fast in a drug test as bad at home.

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Understanding the importance of passing a drug test for a new job or to maintain your current employment status, can be challenging. How do you know which solution is best? If you’re tired of synthetic urine & worried about the consequences, get your hands on the powdered urine kit and say goodbye to synthetic urine forever! The kit is undetectable and real powdered urine, so you can finally be confident knowing you’re using the best solution!

Product Details

  • one vial containing powdered urine (not fake piss, this is actual urine)
  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid
  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial
  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package


  1. Pour the powdered urine in the small vial into the larger tube.
  2. Slowly fill the tube with water to the very top of the tube, screw the blue cap on tightly and shake until the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Open the heater package, peel the paper off of one heater and stick it to the back side of the tube, directly opposite of the temperature strip.
  4. Before conducting your experiment, verify the temperature.

Tips and Tricks to pass the urine drug test

  • Always call or email in advance of your experiment if there are any questions. Don’t just guess, ask.
  • Before conducting the urine test simulation you MUST verify that the urine temperature is between 90 to 99 degrees. Any sample outside of that temperature could possible cause an invalid experiment.
  • We suggest you start with room-temperature instead of hot or warm water, because the heater we give you brings the water up to correct temperature range on its own. Use one heater, unless you want to get to the proper temperature faster
  • If you do not see any reading on the temperature strip, it is not broken. The urine is either too cold or too hot. The temperature strip is highly accurate, reusable, and the highest quality component of the kit.
  • If the urine is too cold, be patient and let the heater raise the temperature. If the urine is too hot, remove the cap and heater and gently blow on the urine until it comes into the correct range.
  • Practice with cooling the water. Take the tube on its own, go to the sink and put in hot water, driving the temperature off the scale above 100 degrees. Gently blow on the liquid until you see the rainbow temperature indicator come into the 90 to 99 degree range. This does two things –let you see that rainbow indicator on the temperature strip and gives you experience with bringing the temperature down, just in case the temperature rises above 100 degrees.
  • Be sure the heater is not too close to the temperature strip, or the strip will be measuring the heater, instead of the water. For a snug fit between the heater and tube, use rubber bands or adhesive tape.
  • Unless the urine is too hot, do not take the heater off the tube, or the temperature will eventually fall out of the required range of 90 to 99 degrees.
  • Don’t jump the gun. These heaters are single use, so be positive of when your test will take place before preparing the kit.
  • If your experiment requires more than 50 ml, take a small vial of water with you, so you can dilute the sample up to the minimum level of 75ml. Be careful not to affect the temperature too much.
  • After the urine is ready, here’s how to conceal it: women can use the bra area or adapt to the method men use, which is to wear two pairs of briefs, and slip the tube between the layers.
  • Extra heaters are available at the time of purchase. They are highly recommended just case the test gets delayed.
  • A Digital Thermometer is also available at the time of purchase. Some people find it helpful to use a thermometer so that people can make double sure that the temperature is in the right range. This option is highly recommended.
  • An option for extra vials (Either 50ml or 15ml) is handy when extra volume is needed. Technically, you only need drops to conduct your experiment with, but extra volume is useful if you want to impress the audience. You can dilute the Powdered Urine that we give with 50 percent more water (25ml) without causing any adverse affects.