Powdered Urine Vial

Single Vial Synthetic Urine Refill



Real Powdered Urine for your Experiments

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The Real Powdered Urine Vial is a synthetic urine substitute used for urine test simulation and laboratory calibration. It is drug-free urine that contains urea and uric acid. Just add water and use your own heating system device. You can add 75ml of water without any adverse effects on the chemical tolerances.

This Powdered Urine substitute has been used successfully for over 15 years and is the number 1 product for Urine Test Simulation.  It was the first product to contain urea and uric acid.

Note:  These vials are not to be used alone; they are refills.  See our synthetic urine kit if you don’t have something to use in conjunction with these vials OR if these are not just refills.

Each vial of synthetic concentrate is enough for one test. You must mix the concentrate with 2 to 3.5 ounces of WARM (body temperature or above) water. Do not ever mix the concentrate with less than 2 ounces or more than 4 ounces of water. Tap water is fine for testing purposes.  The synthetic concentrate will dissolve immediately.  Must be submitted between 92-100*F.  See our synthetic urine kit OR our URINATOR kit if you don’t have something to use in conjunction with these vials, OR if these are not just refills.

Keep the vials of synthetic concentrate OUT OF THE LIGHT. The concentrate will be rendered unusable if it is not stored in a dark place. It is good for one year after purchase so long as it is stored properly.

THIS PRODUCT IS NOT HUMAN URINE. It is a synthetic formula manufactured in a laboratory.  Synthetic urine is designed to be used to prevent genetic profiling in the workplace.

100% pass rate if submitted at correct temperature. 92-100* F

Expiration: 1 year after date of purchase.