Urine Additives to Pass a Drug Test

With drug screening becoming more popular every day, it’s important for people to educate themselves about these invasive procedures. One of the ways ordinary citizens can protect their jobs, their freedom, and their privacy is by learning how to pass a drug test. Since a positive result can land you in a great deal of hot water, it’s critical to find the right methods for overcoming the most common drug testing procedures.

The good news is that there are plenty of scientifically sound products that can help you fool such tests. One of the most effective products on the market is urine additives.

How Urine Additives Can Help You Pass a Drug Test

Urine additives fool a drug test by destroying incriminating toxins. Their effectiveness depends upon the type of test administered.

Essentially, there are two basic methods of detecting illegal drug use: drug screening and drug testing. Typically, organizations use the former to get an initial result and the latter to confirm the result. That’s because drug screening methods are less expensive and less thorough—for example, they only analyze half of the THCA molecules left behind by marijuana. Drug testing methods, on the other hand, take the entire molecule into account.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but urine additives are more effective at overcoming the advanced drug tests than the less precise drug screens. That’s because urine additives only change the structure of the right side of the molecule. Since drug screens only adhere to the left side, they cannot tell the difference between a real THCA molecule and a THCA molecule that has been tampered with. Since drug tests analyze the entire molecule, on the other hand, they are more easily fooled by such products.

If you’re faced with a marijuana drug test, there is no substitute for urine additives.

Clear Test’s Urine Additives

Clear Test carries quick and easy-to-use urine purifiers such as UrineLuck, which destroys incriminating chemicals before they have a chance to ruin your life. These products are perfect for random tests. Just add the product to your urine sample to destroy all toxins on contact—it’s a simple way to ensure clean drug tests. These urine additives are just a few of the products available through our site for drug screening and tests.

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