Due to the Memorial Holiday packages will not ship till Tues. Keep that in mind when ordering.

Shipping Options

We ship Overnight-next business day, Overnight-next business morning, Saturday Delivery, Second business day, Ground (3-5 business days).

Please Note: All FedEx deliveries require indirect signature.  All ground orders over $100 require a signature as well.

If you are not going to be home, FedEx will accept a signed and dated note instead of a person physically being there (unless the package is shipping to a business).

The note attached securely to the front door should read: “FEDEX-Please leave package from ITECHGROUP.” and make sure you sign and date the note.

All ground packages are sent United States Postal Service.

We suggest you call us if you have any questions or to get detailed information on shipping options.

When shipping by ‘ground’ if the package is over $100 The United States Postal Service may leave a notice on your door for signature instead of accepting your pre-signed note. Follow the instructions on the note.

In the case of apartment buildings, gated communities and/or trailer parks some couriers deliver packages to Management Office. We suggest you call us for details. 800-248-5655.

Our Daily Shipping Cut-Off time is 2:00 PM (PST) M-F

If you are paying with a credit card

All billing and shipping information must be accurate and be verifiable with credit card companies. If you are shipping your package to an address other than your billing address please call the phone number on the back of your credit card and ask them to put an alternate ship address on your account. This is for security and will help in expediting your order. We may contact you if further information is needed. We also have several other options if you desire something other than contacting the customer service number on your card.


1. Ship to the Billing Address:
This is the easiest option and the most secure way to prevent card theft.

2. Email Authorization — 
Please email us a statement saying: “I authorize Books Etc. to bill my account and ship my product to: (List your shipping address.)”  Sign and date your note.  Scan a copy of photo ID along with authorized signed and dated note and email it to us at support@cleartest.zendesk.com
Authorization can be hand written.  This can be done by taking a photo with smart phone and emailing us…OR you can scan/email back to us.
1.800.248.5655 toll free

International Orders

Prices for International Express are approximately $10.00 to $15.00 more than prices for Domestic Express. We will bill your credit card the additional amount and email you regarding the additional charge.  The International shipping charge is usually around $46.00 (USD).

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER POLICY (for non-previous customers) shipping overseas:  Customers must send us authorization before we can ship out package.  This includes a hand written or typed, signed and dated note.  The note should say,

” I (customer name) authorize Itechgroup. to bill my account and ship my product to (shipping address).”

Sign and date note.  Your authorization can be emailed to support@cleartest.zendesk.com The easiest way to send this is either by scanning and emailing, or you can take a photo with your smart phone and email to us directly from your phone.  We must do this to protect us and our customers from fraudulent transactions. 

All payments must be received in U.S. currency. Checks or money orders must be drawn from U.S. banks. Orders paid for by money order will go out the day they are received. Orders paid for by checks must be held for approximately ten days until they clear.

Due to customs, international orders take longer for delivery. Express mail will sometimes take several days to be received. Global priority will take approximately one to two weeks for delivery.

Please call for more information at 800-248-5655.

Return Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL – No returns are accepted unless otherwise negotiated by phone 1-800-248-5655 on a per case-scenerio.
Must call during business hours.

100 percent of shipping fees and product reshelving fees may still apply (up to 25 percent).

Synthetic Urine cannot be returned under any circumstance.

Our Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4 pm
  • Saturday, Closed
  • Sunday, Closed

All times in PST. Closed major holidays.