Detox Drinks for Drug Tests

Detox drinks are an essential part of any drug test toolkit. By drawing out toxins and passing them naturally through the body, our specially formulated detox drinks will let you be fully prepared for any drug test – even when it’s unexpected.

All types of drugs leave trace amounts in the body, even after the effects have passed. These drug markers find their way into your hair, saliva, blood, and urine, and even small amounts can quickly be detected by modern drug tests.

This is especially true of marijuana. THC, the main component of marijuana, is a fat-soluble substance. That means every time you smoke, small amounts of THC are stored within your fat cells, and stay there until the fat has been metabolized by the body. The more often you smoke, the more THC is stored.

When you burn fat, which could be days or weeks later, the THC and other substances stored in the fat cells are released as a byproduct called metabolites. These metabolites pass through your body and are eliminated in your urine as waste, where they are easily detected by tests.

In other words, without a detox drink, the only way to be clear of the THC markers in your body (and confidently pass a drug test) is to wait for them to be naturally eliminated – which in many cases and for heavy users can take a very long time.

How Do Detox Drinks Work?

Detox drinks for THC come in two varieties, each of which are useful in different circumstances.

The first type of detox drink aims to flush the toxins out of your system. To do this, it uses a specific combination of ingredients that act as a diuretic, causing traces of the drug to leave your kidneys before they are processed further. While this type of detox can help prevent the THC from entering your fat cells, it can’t remove THC that has already been processed by your body. For this reason, it’s important to use these types of detox drinks soon after you’ve taken the drug, and at least a few days before any drug screen.

Another type of detox drink uses a different method to help you pass, and is used primarily when you have a drug test within the next few hours.

Firstly, this type of detox drink will stop your body from metabolizing fat cells. By not burning fat cells, no metabolites are released and the traces of THC remain effectively “locked” inside your body. After temporarily stopping the metabolic process, it will flush out any metabolites that are already present in the body. This generally takes about an hour to complete, and the “locked” THC markers will stay out of your urine stream for 4-5 hours afterwards.

How Will That Help Me Pass?

As mentioned above, once THC is in your fat cells, the only way to dispose of it is through metabolizing the fat, which takes time. In other words, normally you would just have to wait until you were clean.

Both types of detox drinks are very useful ways of bypassing parts of the process, which speeds up this recovery time significantly. On the one hand, you’re preventing large amounts of THC from ever entering your fat cells, and on the other hand, you’re blocking the THC that is in your fat cells from entering your urine. Combined, this makes passing a urine test much simpler and essentially stress-free.

Can’t I Just Drink Water?

While drinking plenty of water will help to some degree, it’s not a reliable way to pass a drug test. To begin with, the main problem is with the THC stored in fat cells, which can’t simply be flushed out with water.

The other problem is that urine tests are carefully monitored for the correct levels of certain naturally occurring minerals and waste products (like creatinine) in the sample. If you drink too much water, the sample won’t have the right amount of these urine markers and it will be obvious that you’re diluting your urine. As a result, you’ll probably have to take the test again.

Why Do I Need Detox Drinks?

Urine drug tests are intrusive and nerve-racking. Unfortunately, they’re also increasingly common in workplaces across America. Despite marijuana usage being both legal and acceptable in many states, a failed drug test can mean losing your job and your livelihood.

The only way to protect your private life and avoid the worry of test results is to be prepared at all times. Along with other products which can help you pass a drug test, like Clear Test’s synthetic urine kits and urine additives, having a detox drink on hand will give you an excellent all-round solution for any situation you might find yourself in.

Our Drug Detox Drinks

Clear Test’s range of detox products are simply invaluable for both unexpected and planned drug tests. Whether you’re looking for a way to cleanse and rebalance, or block toxin release in an emergency, we stock the most effective formulations to achieve what you’re looking for.

Our best-selling 17oz Rescue Cleanse works rapidly to inhibit THC release and flush the system at the same time, getting you ready for any drug test in just 60 minutes. With long-lasting effectiveness (up to 5 hours) there’s no need to worry about the test schedule or any delays – when they’re ready to test you, you’re ready too!

The 17oz Rescue Cleanse works best for those weighing under 200lbs. If you weigh over 200lbs, we recommend the larger sized 32oz Rescue Cleanse, or the Quick Clear 20oz cleansing drink, both of which are highly effective at any size.

For a rapid, high-powered cleanse, try our One Shot Concentrate formula. With two herbal detox capsules and only 0.7oz of liquid, it’s easy to slip into your pocket or handbag and keep in case of any surprises.

Live your life the way you want to and be ready for anything with Clear Test’s detox drinks for drug tests. Order today or talk to us at 1-800-248-5655 to find the product that’s right for you!