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Bill Murray

Bill Murray

William James “Bill” Murray was born September 21, 1950 in Wilmette, Illinois. He’s a famous American actor and Comedian. He was the fifth of nine children. He started gaining fame from his appearances on Saturday Night Live. This later lead to starring in successful films such as Caddy Shack (1980), Ghost Busters (1984), Groundhog Day (1993) etc.

For quite some time Bill Murray was referred to as a “recluse.” He became picky about the roles he would accept as an actor and would take a few years off between films. He didn’t land as many roles as he could have because he was impossible to get a hold of. He replaced his agent with an automated phone line that he hardly listened to and rarely did interviews. In spite of all that he was still highly desirable.

Turning his fame into performance art, Murray took a dive behind a bar at a film festival and served drinks with the Wu Tang Clan, drunkenly crashed a stolen golf cart and attended student parties. He even has his own website – – which is devoted to his comical stories and pranks played in public.

Bill Murray has landed many pot smoker roles in movies (most notably Caddyshack). Here is famous quote from Bill’s character, Karl: “This is s hybrid. This is a cross between Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Feather Bed Bent and Northern California Sinsimilla. The amazing thing abut this stuff is you can play holes on it in the afternoon, take it home, and just get stoned to the be-jeezus at night on this stuff. I’ve got pounds of this stuff.”

This leads us to what happened on Murray’s 20th birthday. On September 21, 1970 Murray was arrested at Chicago O’hare International Airport. While waiting in line to board the plane, Murray told the person standing next to him that he was carrying two bombs in his luggage. One of the ticket agents heard Murray’s remark and quickly sent for Federal agents. Instead of finding the two bombs, they found five bricks (ten pounds) of marijuana in his luggage. The total was valued at $20,000. Charged with possession of cannabis, Murray pleaded guilty to the drug count in Cook County Circuit Court, according to an Illinois state rap sheet. He was sentenced to five years of probation on the misdemeanor conviction.

Amidst his minor conviction, Bill led a triumphant career. Starting with his appearances on Saturday Night Live, he went on to win Oscar, Emmy, BAFTA and Golden Globe awards. Being such a talent is what made him our chosen pot smoker of the month!


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