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Elvy Musikka

Elvy Musikka

Elvy Musikka is a woman in her mid-forties who lives in Hollywood, Florida. This is her story:

I am Elvy Musikka. I was born with congenital cataracts, so as a child I had several eye surgeries. Perhaps for this reason I developed glaucoma in my thirties. Within a year a doctor recommended medical marijuana. For over 25 years it has been the most efficient, reliable, and the safest part of my treatment. Unfortunately, fear of the law caused me to make irrational personal decisions, such as having too many surgeries in my right eye. The result? Permanent blindness in that eye.

By this time, I was more determined than ever to maintain the limited but stable vision in my left eye. I cultivated marijuana, was arrested, and based on medical necessity, won my trial. Thus on August 15, 1988, we established a medical marijuana defense in the state of Florida.

Shortly after this win, I became the first woman to receive medical cannabis through a federal program, that today supplies eight of us. Repeatedly this issue goes before the voters; it always wins overwhelmingly! However, the Federal Government continues to deny the voters.

Millions of Americans use cannabis daily, thus I suspect that we are the largest minority in the United States. We come from every segment of society and every financial background. We are for the most part, responsible adults who maintain occupations, families, and contribute to our communities. Still, we arrest 700,000 people yearly, for choosing a “Wiser Bud.”

We consider hemp/cannabis/marijuana prohibition a blasphemy on the Creator’s work. Some of the consequences are: ozone destruction, planetary deforestation, and pollution. Serious health hazards.

As we surrender our constitution, and make criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens, we are wasting a tremendous amount of resources! It is our responsibility as citizens to demand accountability of our legislators. We cannot continue to support man-made laws that are against nature. These laws attempt to prohibit the basic instincts of self-preservation and compassion.

Posted by A. Shapiro
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