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Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum

Told he was too small to succeed in the major leagues, this 175-lb, 29 year old pitcher was the strikeout king of baseball in 2008 and walked away with his second consecutive Cy Young award. He is the only player ever to receive a Cy in his first two years pitching. Currently playing for the San Francisco Giants, winning two World Series, in three years! Teammates consider the smallish right-hander a quirky perfectionist. They also consider him the “Franchise,” the nickname they gave him when he broke into the big leagues only a year out of college.

Often photographed wearing a hemp necklace, Lincecum has the look of a lanky stoner and the calm personality to match.

In October 2009, Lincecum was stopped by a trooper in his home state of Washington for driving 74 mph in a 60 zone at 8 AM. The patrolman confiscated a pot pipe and 3.3 grams of marijuana from Lincecum’s console. Reportedly the possession charge was dropped after Lincecum agreed to plead guilty and pay a fine for possessing the pipe.

Reaction to Lincecum’s arrest was overwhelmingly supportive. Fans around the world were using (and wearing) the phrase “Let Timmy Smoke!”. Rallying behind their superstar Giant`s fans sided with Lincecum`s belief that if it doesn`t affect his performance on the field there should be nothing wrong with him smoking marijuana. He later furthered this point by leading the Giants to their first World Series Championship since 1958 by earning two of their four victories.

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