Dr. Greens Wash Away Shampoo

Dr. Greens Wash Away Detox Shampoo


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It is safe for the hair and scalp! The treatment lasts up to 8 hours. Once the hair is cut, the cut portion remains toxin free forever. This product cannot be detected. We have around a 99% success rate with this product. Call for any details or see the product FAQ for more detailed information on Hair Testing.

    • Removes all residues & toxins.
    • Treatment lasts for up to 8 hours
    • One application for shoulder-length hair
    • Safe for the hair and scalp

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Evenly distribute 1/2 contents of bottle on hair.

  • massage thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes
  • rinse with luke warm water
  • repeat steps 1 though 3
  • use a clean/new comb or brush after rinsing
  • let hair air dry

ATTN: People with shoulder length hair or longer, 2 bottles are needed!!!

Extra tips:
After washing with the shampoo — Don’t touch your hair to anything it’s touched before. Examples: head rest of your car, unwashed hats, combs, brushes, towels, etc. Your hair could re contaminate with those oils if they come into contact.

For more information about hair testing facts & fallacies please VISIT.

* This product is not intended to be used for lawfully administered tests.